Plan Ahead – Christmas 2019 Gift Making – Homemade Vanilla (the 40% proof stuff!)

Time: 10 minutes to prep; year to have vanilla

Music Selection: Jim Croce – Time In a Bottle

If you are a planner and a foodie friend, this is the Christmas gift for 2019!!! Start now and give the gift of soul vanilla and soul love! Vanilla Beans + Vodka + Time in a bottle = Magical Christmas gift… just sayin’


3 bottles of vodka (750 mL each)

15 vanilla beans


Cut each vanilla bean lengthwise, in half.

Put 5 vanilla beans in each bottle of vodka.

Cap and place in dark, room temperature location. Leave for 12 months. Pour 250 mL of the vanilla into a small bottle for day to day use. Top up the 750 mL bottle with more vodka and let sit for a few months (until you use up your day to day bottle). You can keep topping up your large bottle by adding vodka and over time, add a few new vanilla beans! The gift of vanilla beans just keeps giving and giving…

This is a super large bottle at about the 9 month stage – we had to use about 9 vanilla beans! Can’t wait to try it in 3 months!

This is a great gift to make for friends and family at Christmas!

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