Breakfast Cheat – Gyoza

Time: 15 minutes

Music Selection: The Vapors – Turning Japanese


Favorite bag of frozen gyoza

¼ cup soy sauce

Optional: 1 tsp chopped green onion

Optional: ½ tsp minced ginger

Optional: ½ tsp sesame oil


Heat large pan with 3 Tbsp oil on medium-high heat. Fry dumplings, leaving space between them, until crispy brown, then turn and fry on second side until crispy brown.  Flip gyoza to third side, add ½ c. water and cover with lid. Steam gyoza until water evaporates. Remove lid and continue to fry until third side a bit crispy.

Serve with bowls of soy sauce to dip in.

I like to also serve this with fried rice and if eating this for breakfast, with a few sunny side up eggs!

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