Turkey Broth

Time: 2 hours

Music Selection: Anne Murray – Snowbird

Turkey broth is food for the soul… It is comfort food at its best, when you usually need it most: you have the flu or a cold OR you have no idea what to make for supper and are in a hurry! Frankly, I have made hot turkey noodle soup (with a soft boiled egg in the soup) for my kids for breakfast, especially when it is cold or they have the sniffles. Made me think of an old tune by Anne Murray – “Snowbird” because we all should fly away somewhere warmer when we have a bad cold!! But, if you can’t fly away – this broth is easy to make. We freeze it with a bit of leftover turkey. Then, the sky is the limits to the soups you can make — wait and watch, in a few weeks I will post a few: turkey noodle; turkey vegetable; turkey coconut curry??? I bet I have you thinking/dreaming now….


Turkey bones from Ta-dah Brined & Roasted turkey 

Bunch rosemary

Bunch thyme

5 garlic cloves

1 onion, chopped up

2 stalks celery, chopped

10 – 12 cups water

¼ cup salt


After we have had roast turkey, I put the bones back in the roaster (but you can put them in large pot). I put all the items that we stuffed our turkey with from the brine (rosemary, thyme, garlic). I usually do not keep the oranges for broth, but you can if you like a citrusy flavor. I then add onion and celery, water and salt.

I turn the burners on (I use two burners for my roaster) and once it boils, I turn it down and let it simmer for a good two hours. Let it cool and then strain it into containers. If I have leftover turkey meat, I chop some up and throw it in the broth. I put lids on and freeze the broth for  a few weeks, when we are ready to eat turkey again!

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