Battered Shrimp

Time: 25 minutes

Music Selection: Great Big Sea – Ordinary Day

I do not own a deep fryer. I actually am not a big fan of deep frying. But, since we are pushing the limits of food (especially breakfasts), we ventured out on a deep-frying journey! My family loved this recipe for dinner. We have not yet tried it for breakfast, but my kids (who are way more daring than my hubby – who only ate meat and potatoes when we met… that has changed) said they definitely would eat this for breakfast, but they’d want something along with it… we haven’t quite figured out what that might be so it isn’t too heavy for breakfast… if you have ideas, send them to me. I am thinking it needs some fruit (maybe oranges) and then some type of veggies… maybe potato pancakes or sweet potato pancakes…? I will come up with something – stay tuned and enjoy the shrimp and another of Canada’s great bands – Great Big Sea, but make this an “extra” Ordinary Day and “at the end of the day, you just gotta say it’s alright”!


¾ cup flour

¾ cup dark beer, room temperature

4 egg whites


1 tsp paprika

½ tsp mustard powder

½ tsp garlic powder

1 ½ pounds uncooked large shrimp (tails off)

Aioli Tartar sauce or bought tartar sauce or shrimp cocktail sauce

1 extra cup flour


In large shallow bowl, put one cup of flour and set aside.

In large pot, heat up oil. Also pre-heat oven to 350 deg F.

Whisk together ¾ cup flour, beer, egg whites, salt, pepper, paprika, mustard powder and garlic powder.

When oil is hot and a bit  of batter will sizzle, take each shrimp and dredge in flour, then dip in batter and deep fry. Be careful to not burn yourself. Add 5 – 6 shrimp in oil at a  time, when brown remove and put on a pan and keep hot in  oven. Keep deep frying remaining shrimp.

Serve with French fries, aioli tartar sauce (or bought tartar sauce or shrimp cocktail), potato salad, or coleslaw.

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