Basil Kissed Scrambled Eggs

Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 2

Music Selection: Mary Wells – My Guy

If you read my post about mashed potato pancakes, you’d know that Basil Kissed Scrambled Eggs is one of those dishes that my hubby makes for all of us. It is a super easy, and super tasty scrambled egg recipe, but the technique of using butter and the mixing motion over low to medium heat is key to making these the mouth-watering, delectable scrambled eggs amazing. I also just love watching my guy make these eggs…


2 Tbsp butter

5 eggs

2 Tbsp sour cream

1 ½ tsp dried (or fresh) basil, chopped finely

Salt & pepper to taste

Optional – 1 cup grated cheddar cheese


Beat eggs with sour cream and basil. Salt and pepper the eggs.

In large pan, turn to low-medium heat and melt butter.

Add in the mixed eggs and keep at low to medium heat. You want these eggs to slowly cook, which keeps them buttery and light. Then use a motion of moving the eggs from the edge of the pan into the middle. Keep this motion and work around the pan. Once the eggs are cooked, you can adjust salt/pepper and add some cheese on top to melt.

Remove from heat and enjoy with breakfast sausages, sliced oranges and mashed potato pancakes.

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