Pulled Pork Breakfast Options – hash or eggs benedict?

Pulled Pork Hash or Eggs Benedict?

Time: 15 minutes

Music Selection: Colin James – Voodoo Thing

You will truly feel that some voodoo has occurred in that you can make two different amazing breakfasts in such a short period of time AND you can use up some leftover pulled pork and/or herb infused potatoes. We like to take left over pulled pork and fry it until it is crispy – the BBQ sauce will make it very crispy, so you have to watch so it doesn’t burn… then eat it with eggs or as an eggs benedict… either way, you can’t go wrong.

Ingredients for either recipe:

4 cups leftover pulled pork

6 eggs

Optional: Left over herb infused baked potatoes, cut in thick slices (about 1/2 inch)

If making Eggs Benedict, you will also need:

6 english muffins or large soft buns

1 Hollandaise sauce package or three cheese sauce package (plus water, milk, or butter needed to make sauce)


In large skillet, fry the pulled pork in a bit of oil. Let the pork brown a bit before flipping.

Meanwhile, poach 6 eggs until medium soft. Salt/pepper the eggs.

If making Hash – serve the eggs with the crispy fried pulled pork and fried left-over herb-infused potatoes.

If making Eggs Benedict:

Toast 6 english muffins (or butter and broil buns for about a minute).

In small pot, make either hollandaise sauce or three cheese sauce according to directions.

Then, place a muffin on a plate, top with some crispy pulled pork. On top of it, place a soft poached egg and pour a few Tablespoons of hollandaise sauce!

Optional: Fry up the left over herb-infused potatoes in butter, until crispy and serve.

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