Honey Citrus BBQ Salmon

Time: 25 minutes

Music Selection: Mary Hopkin – Those Were the Days

I haven’t heard this song in many years, but lately I have been thinking more and more about family traditions and the times we spent with those no longer with us. Having special dinners and BBQs with family and friends over decades has been so much fun and I’ve realized that the recipes we made 40, 30 or even 20 years ago have changed, as we have changed… Those were the days… here is a recipe, that we have been only making this last decade and someday, my kids will likely remember it as something they had “20, 30 or 40 years ago”… it makes me happy to think they may have some good memories of these days!


1 large side of salmon, cut into three large pieces

¼ cup honey

2 Tbsp orange juice

Optional: 1 tsp orange zest

Salt/pepper or lawry’s seasoning

Olive oil


Preheat BBQ to 350 deg F.

Brush oil on each side of the salmon. Place on BBQ.

In bowl, mix the honey and orange juice until well blended (you can heat the honey if it is crystallized, but the orange juice should break it down).

Brush glaze on salmon while on BBQ. When you start to see a few little bubbles on the salmon, gently flip it and brush more glaze  on it.

When the salmon is cooked, remove from BBQ, season with salt / pepper and glaze once more before serving. Serve with Fattoush salad or Coconut Curry Rice!

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