Smoked Salmon Quesadilla Appetizer

Time: 20 minutes

This is the appetizer that I run to when I need something quick. It is fail proof and there is never any leftovers either! So easy, so good. Give it a try and you, too, and you might find it becomes one of your favorites, too… Enjoy Lady Antebellum – also an oldie but a goodie.

Music Selection: Lady Antebellum – I Run To You


4 large (8 inch) flour tortilla shells

1 cup cream cheese

2 cups grated dill Havarti cheese

1 Tbsp dried dill (optional – if you are using plan Havarti cheese)

1 Tbsp finely diced red onion

200 g thinly sliced smoked salmon


Heat a 9 – 10 inch skillet. Take one tortilla and place in skillet. Brown it, then turn it over and brown the other side. It may puff up, so use a fork to pop the bubbles. Put aside. Brown each side of all 4 tortillas.

Take skillet off heat.

On one side of two tortillas, spread ½ cup of cream cheese on each. Sprinkle the red onion and dill evenly over the cream cheese. Evenly lay the smoked salmon on top.

Then spread out the grated Havarti cheese equally on each.

Top each with the remaining tortilla shells.

Put the skillet back on the heat. Place one tortilla with the grated cheese side down. Brown and heat until the cheese starts to melt. Using a large spatula, gently  flip it so the cream cheese side is down. Brown until the cheese is warm. Remove from heat and repeat with remaining tortilla. Let both rest for about 5 minutes. Then cut each into 8 pieces for a total of 16 slices.


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