Braised Mushrooms

Time: 30 minutes

Music Selection: Herman’s Hermits – There’s A Kind of Hush

There will be a hush over your house while you enjoy this wonderful side dish. It is easy to make and yet so flavourful and aromatic.


200 g fresh small mushrooms (whole) – if using larger mushrooms, then quarter them

1 Tbsp butter

50 ml white wine

1 clove garlic, minced


½ lemon juice

100 ml chicken or vegetable broth

Sprig of thyme leaves or ½ tsp of fresh rosemary chopped finely


In a medium sized saute pan, melt butter.

Add mushrooms and cook until they brown.

Add garlic and cook until fragrant.

Add white wine and stir to dissolve and solids sticking to the pan. Add the chicken broth and cook to coat mushrooms.

Once they are cooked, remove from heat and season with salt/pepper, lemon juice and fresh herbs. Serve with glazed carrots, broccolini, and steak or crab filled chicken in pastry.

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