70’s Cult Classic Mushroom Burger

Time: 30 minutes

My parents owned a drive-in burger bar in a small town in the 70s. They were known for many food items, but the one that people still ask my mom if she will share her recipe for is her classic mushroom burger. This is not exactly her recipe. It is close, but still so good to take you back to the 70s.

Music Selection: Grease – You’re The One That I Want


4 hamburger buns

4 hamburger patties

1 can cream of mushroom soup

2 cups sliced fresh mushrooms

1 Tbsp fresh thyme leaves





Thin slices of red onion.

4 slices of cheese (Velveeta is best, but Monterey jack, cheddar or swiss are great)

Optional: crispy bacon slices


Heat up your BBQ to 375 degrees.  Cook hamburger patties until done. Keep warm.

Toast hamburger buns on BBQ or toaster.

In large frying pan, put a dab of butter and saute the mushrooms until they start to get golden.

Add in the mushroom soup to the mushrooms, plus ¼ cup of water and thyme. Mix well. Let heat for 5 minutes until it is bubbling.

On the bottom hamburger bun, spread mayonnaise, mustard and relish. Set aside.

Butter the tops of the hamburger buns, and if you like red onion and bacon, place some on the top bun. Gently flip an place over the mushroom sauce which should be on low on stove. Cover with a lid and let steam for about 2 minutes.

Place the hamburger pattie on the bottom bun and your slice of cheese.

Taking a flat lifter, scoop the mushroom sauce and lid and place on the pattie and cheese, so it melts the cheese.

Enjoy and keep plenty of napkins handy!

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