1-2-3 Easy As Can Be Peas

Time: 3 minutes

Having spent a wonderful week in the Okanagan with some great friends, we went to many wineries. One place a friend of mine wanted to go to was a place that made vinegars… While the place was closed and we couldn’t go, my friend shared that growing up her mom made wonderful side vegetable dishes by lightly boiling them and then drizzling just a little olive oil and some type of vinegar on them. Salt and done…. SIMPLE, healthy and oh, so delicious!

Music Selection: Florida Georgia Line – Simple


2 cups peas

1 Tbsp chicken bouillon

Olive oil

Cider vinegar or white wine vinegar or white wine balsamic vinegar



Place peas in small pot on stove or microwaveable bowl. Fill with water to cover peas and sprinkle bouillon top. Bring water to boil (2 – 3 mins in microwave). Peas should still be bright green. Drain,

Drizzle olive oil and vinegar on top. Salt to taste.

Enjoy as a side to rosemary beer marinated BBQ steak or church chicken.

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