Filipino BBQ Pork Skewers

Time: 15 minutes on BBQ (4 – 12 hours marinating)

This is another simple and oh, so very tasty dish. Perfect for those very busy nights, when you don’t want to wash a lot of dishes!

Music Selection: Coldplay – Clocks


2 lb pork butt or loin, sliced long and thin strips

1 cup soy sauce

1 cup banana sauce/ketchup

½ cup calamansi juice or lemon juice or pear juice

½ cup brown sugar

½ cup gingerbeer (or strong gingerale)

1 Tbsp minced garlic


Skewers, that have been soaked in water


Mix the soy sauce, banana sauce, calamansi juice, brown sugar, garlic, salt/pepper and gingerbeer in a large ziplock. Mix well.

Cut up the pork into thin, long strips. Place in marinade. Let sit for 4 – 12 hours.

Soak the skewers in water for about an hour.

Turn BBQ to 350 – 375 degrees. Take each strip of meat and loosely (if too tight, some of the meat may not cook evenly) thread onto skewers until all used.

Place on BBQ and cook for about 3 – 5 minutes, then flip for another 3 – 5 minutes. Remove and eat immediately. This goes well with pancit.

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