24 Hour Denver Sandwich

Time: 15

True comfort food – 24 hours a day! My dad is an expert denver sandwich maker, if that is a title. When I was growing up at home, you could find him making a denver at 3 am, 7 am, lunch or dinner. He seemed to magically always have the ingredients for the sandwich that always hits the spot!

Music Selection: John Denver – Thank God I’m A Country Boy


Olive oil

1 small onion, finely diced

½ red or green onion (or both), finely diced

Optional: 4 mushrooms, finely diced

1 green onion or chives, finely diced

½ cup tomatoes finely diced (I like using firm cherry tomatoes)

½ cup grated cheddar

½ cup ham, finely diced

6 slices old cheddar cheese

12 slices bread

12 eggs



Optional: sriracha or hot sauce

optional: sweet pickles


Heat oil in small skillet and saute the onion, red pepper and mushrooms. Saute until onions are cooked through. Remove and put in bowl. Set aside.

In another bowl, beat 2 eggs. Salt/pepper. Add in 1/6 of the ham, 1/6 of the tomato, 1/6 of grated cheddar, and 1/6 of the chives. Mix well. Add in 16 of the onion/pepper/mushrooms.

Heat skillet with butter or oil. Slowly pour in the eggs and using a spatula, keep shaping it while it cooks into the shape of your bread. When it is set, gently flip it. Place a slice of old cheddar on top and turn off heat and cover to let cheese melt.

In the meantime, toast 2 slices of bread on a medium setting. When done, cover one side lightly with mayonnaise and the other side with mustard and/or srircha. On one slice place the egg. For fun, consider a layer of sweet pickle. Cover with other slice of toast and cut in half. Good any time of day (or night)!

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