Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

Time: 20 minutes

Best, fast, healthy way to use up left over beef steak, roast or smoked brisket… freedom!

Music Selection: Elton John – Philadelphia Freedom


4 hoagie/sub buns, cut in half


1 cup tiger sauce

4 cups left over beef (smoked brisket is best or bbq’d steak)

2 cups sliced mushrooms

1 onion, cut in half and then slivers

¼ cup beef broth

½ red pepper, cut in slivers

½ yellow or green pepper, cut in slivers

2 cloves garlic

8 Provolone cheese slices

Optional: cheese whiz


In large skillet, with some olive oil. Saute the onions and garlic until soft.

Add in the mushrooms and peppers and saute until soft. Salt/pepper.

In meantime, slice up the beef very fine and heat in another skillet with a little beef broth, until the beef broth simmers out. Salt/pepper.

Turn on oven broiler.

Line a cookie sheet with foil. Butter buns, and with open sides up broil for about 2 minutes until lightly brown.

Remove from oven and on the bottom, slather on some tiger sauce.

Top with meat and add on the vegetables. Place cheese slices on top.

On other half, if you want, add some cheese whiz.

Place back under broiler to melt cheeses. Eat immediately (with a cold beer, of course)!

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